An audience

While watching this video, it struck me like it has before. Local TV News stations are amazing. They earn the respect and trust of their audience, and I continually and intrigued and look to replicate that.

What I take from it is this. Know who your audience is, know how to use them, and know how to talk to them.


Share Ideas and Someone May Share Yours

I don’t want to share things on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, ect. because it’s not personal. It’s not from me to you, it is through a third party. One I have no control over.

This is my space, I can do what I want and I implore you to create your own space so you can do what you want. Share your ideas and maybe someone will share yours.

What Keywords Should I Use

Seth Godin:

And the same thing goes for websites. The traditional advice is to make sure that your keywords reflect what the mass of searches that might be interested in you would line up with.

So, name your plumbing company, “Emergency cheap plumbing”…

Here’s the problem: You’re not going to win that search.

Never thought of it like that.


Giant Baby Blimp Is Following Trump Around Argentina

Bill Bostock for BusinessInsider:

The six-meter balloon, which hovered 100 feet over the ground outside parliament in London, welcomed Trump on July 13, but the president told British newspaper The Sun: “I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London.”

The balloon is now drifting above the Plaza del Congreso, Buenos Aires, where the president landed on Thursday to begin critical talks held as part of the G20 summit.

I love people, here’s a Twitter account following the baby that’s following Trump with some pictures.