Successful womb transplant from a dead donor

Ben Spencer for the Daily Mail:

Luisa’s (pictured) delivery last December – weighing 5lb 10oz – proved the procedure can be carried out safely using a dead donor’s womb – giving doctors the confidence to replicate the process

It was a major undertaking, performed against the clock to make sure the womb was implanted before it began to die.

While surgeons removed organs from the dead donor, another team started to prepare Luisa’s mother for her new womb – a procedure which itself took two hours – dissecting blood vessels and creating space in the tissue of her abdomen.

The womb was then lowered into her body and connected to her veins and arteries, ligaments and vaginal canal. Each vessel had to be carefully stitched to the new womb. After surgery, she was in intensive care for two days, then spent six days recovering on a ward.

Ten previous attempts, in the US, Czech Republic and Turkey, to transplant a womb from a dead donor ended in failure.

Dr Srdjan Saso of Imperial College London, part of the British team, said: ‘For those of us involved in uterine transplantation research, this is extremely exciting.

‘This successful demonstration demonstrates a few advantages over live donation. It enables use of a much wider potential donor population, applies lower costs and avoids live donors’ surgical risks.’

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, something like this pops up. Technology is beutiful sometimes.