Discovered How Terrible AMP Pages Are

I apologize to anyone who had to read any of my past articles on an AMPs version of this website. Why in the world would I want that? Sure it loads faster, and SEO experts are against not enabling, but it looks terrible and it strips down the entire identity of the website.

The way I found out how terrible it looked is by clicking on a link to one of my articles, on my twitter profile. It looked like this on my iPhone. Ugly and unappealing.

It gets better. If I wanted to share that link it would show up as the AMPs mobile version of the website for those on mobile, but it will redirect to my main site if the person I was sharing with was on a desktop. Then when I disable AMPs in my settings, it makes the link completely useless. Redirects to a 505 page. Lovely. What a mess, I’m glad I caught it!