Why Did I Choose WordPress For My Blog

I’ve always wanted to create my own blog but never got around to it. Always put it off and never thought I would find a way to create it that satisfied me, then I realized I would never be satisfied.

This particular design of this blog is pulled from a free template. The domain is free, the service is free. Everything is free, for now till I can’t ignore the dissatisfaction.

I considered Wix, Medium, Tumblr and WordPress.com, which I eventually settled on. Tumblr by far was the closest competition. Check out the nicer, eh, looking website I created from the bones of a nice looking minimalistic template. Tumblr’s flexibility when it came to logistical simple stuff really bothered me and the inability to expand was a problem, so I went with WordPress even though the Tumblr website looks nicer.

The design functions in WordPress are highly infuriating and limiting, on the free plan I’m currently on, but in the future I’ll be looking to make this blog look nicer and blend it more into my style at a cost. I currently feel like I rented someone’s home and my posts are living in it for the time being.

The other options I mentioned are good ones, but the ease of use and reliability of WordPress worked, even with it’s quirks. It was relatively easy to set up and it fits my needs for the time being.

If you want to talk about a quality website to host a free one page website for your personal use, it’s carrd.co. Here’s the website I made in 3 hours, all on an iPhone!